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Autumn View from Takao-san, Japan

If fire red is my favorite color, then autumn must be the best season of all.

And yes it is! Autumn is the best. Not to cold, not to hot, a bit windy and the view is amazing. Red and yellow! Earthy color everywhere. People fashion also change to complement the seasonal change. Somehow it makes autumn became very romantic  for me. ❤ ❤

For people coming from tropical country like me, seasonal change is always very fascinating. Changing in temperature was challenging, as well as the weather. But the view of each season is really special! I feel amazed by how nature responds to seasonal change.  I fell super grateful for the opportunity to live in Japan for few years so I could experience all four seasons.

I always thought that autumn will be the most gloomy season with trees shed their leaves, but I was wrong.  The leave’s color changing is so pretty especially when everything turn to red or yellow. Love it so much. Any trees gradually change their leaves color.  I never thought that trees could do that. They could change their color all together! Again, it was a new knowledge for me, as tropical country person. Indonesia has summer all year, trees are green there. Not red or yellow.
Eventually leaves will fall out of course when winter come closer, but autumn’s view will always be my favorite. Spring’s view is great with beautiful Sakura surely and I could not decide which season is the best.

Spring’s view or autumn’s view?

I promised to myself that I will not climb any mountain after Fuji-san, but yet I agreed to go to Takao-san to enjoy autumn view without careful consideration. ^^’ maybe I am just too easy  as a person.   Fortunately It was not a serious mountain climbing activity, it was more like mount hiking. Not a very challenging one, even for somebody like me!
Takao-san does not have high elevation with very well built hiking track. It even has cable-car and chair-lift to cover half of the track.  Unlike Fuji-san climbing which more like physical challenge, Takao-san hiking is casual walk enjoying view along paved track. Not so tough. You will not require any climbing gear. Just casual comfortable clothes and shoes, depend on the temperature and weather. Everybody will enjoy the hiking process surely. 😀

Takao-san located close to Tokyo which make it very popular spot to enjoy nature. One day trip to Takao-san is very popular trip to experience beautiful scenery especially on weekend. Takao-san will be very busy during autumn since it has diverse plant population with scattered red color autumn trees.
It also has some spot to enjoy Sakura blooms during spring, but the best spot for cherry blossoms is the Itchodaira area, which lies an additional 30 minutes hike beyond the summit. Also known as the Takaosan Senbonzakura (“Mount Takao Thousand Cherry Trees”), the area is filled with several varieties of trees that are typically best viewed in mid to late April and are well worth a visit if you missed the main season around the city.

As for me, my trip started from Yokohama. I took train from Yokohama station  to Shinjuku station for transit and end up in Takaosanguchi station.  Keio line will take you to Takaosanguchi station.
From this point, you already reach the mountain base. We could start to climb (or hike) from here, but I saw cable-car and chair-lift ticket booth and decided to try one of those. I took the cable-car, to reach the observation area. I do really wish I took the chair-lift. I was too scared to try it, but I imagined the wind breeze and experience must be more exciting than my fear.

Similar with Fuji-san, Takao-san has several trails to reach the summit. Trail number 1 is most popular among them, because it is well built and paved, consequently it will be a bit crowded. You may need 1 hour only to reach the top through this trail.
Even though not all trees turn to red (or yellow),but they are still beautiful.

You will feel very peaceful surrounding by warm color nature.

Takao-san is sacred place which always be associated with Tengu-Long nosed Goblin, who lived deep dwell in the mountains. It is believed that Tengu guarded the Yakuoin Temple located near Takao-san summit.  Many people pray to get good fortune in this temple.

Tengu- Long nosed Goblin

There is also the Takao 599 Museum, a nature museum about the ecology surrounding Mount Takao (free admission). This museum is good place to enjoy while taking small rest during hiking. Many collection of plant, insect and others  organism shown here with detail information.

Once you reach the summit, you can enjoy the surrounding view including Tokyo city from top. If the weather is good and sky is clear,you can even see Fuji-san from Takao-san summit.
People will start having picnic and open their lunch box when they reach the summit.  As for me, I never brought any lunch box with me so I bought a hot dog with a very long sausage, inspired by Tengu nose.  😀  😎 😀 😎

I was super energized after the hiking. But to my surprise, I found one unexpected attraction  on my way to go home after very refreshing trip from Takao-san. They have Trick Art Museum near Takaosanguchi station. Very close to the station. You will never missed to see this museum from the station. Surely, I visit this museum before I go back to Yokohama to collect some very nice 3D pictures.


Takao-san is a splendid  place with beautiful scenery and interesting museums. Even looking back to pictures and writing in this post bring a refreshing atmosphere for me. Hopefully for you too! ❤ ❤










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